How to Avoid Getting Ridiculously Lost

In Life of Pi, the protagonist is thrown into a life changing battle with himself when his boat gets shipwrecked and he ends up on a life boat surrounded by wild animals. Doomed to wander the sea aimlessly, his body and his mind are pushed to the limits.

His body must suffer through intense hunger as he struggles to ration and catch his own food. His mind is pushed to the limit as he is forced to confront his darkest thoughts in order to survive. Surrounded by vast ocean, there is nothing but himself. He cannot run away. Instead, he must discover who he is.

All because he didn’t have a map.

In Cast Away, Tom Hanks finds himself set adrift. Utterly alone, the only stability he has is an isolated island and a soccer ball called Wilson. The man becomes trapped in time, reaching the brink of insanity as the outside world moves on. Pages turn, new chapters emerge for everyone but him. He tries desperately to return to a world that will hardly remember his name. He is merely a speck gone missing, lost.

All because he didn’t have a map.


“y i no bring map?”

How different these stories would have been if the main characters had just had a map of the ocean. They would have been saved days, months, years, drifting aimlessly in the vast ocean. Going around in circles but never reaching a destination (there’s a life metaphor in there somewhere).

For all we know, they could have been just off the shores of the Maldives had they just turned West, following their map and compass. But instead, we get these soul crushing and later, somewhat uplifting stories of men lost at sea.

The point is, if you would rather not have to drink your own urine or battle a tiger at sea, it’s best to bring a map when you are travelling around Australia. Sure, we’ve got GPS and Google Maps on our smartphones but what happens, God forbid, if there’s no reception? Or worse, what happens if your battery runs out?

Australia’s landscape is diverse and vast and you may even have your own moments of self-discovery travelling through it. You could be driving through the never-ending red dust deserts of Central Australia and suddenly realise just how small you are in this world. Or you might marvel at the wonders of the earth as you dive into the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef. You may even have life-changing conversations with yourself as you roam through the silent rain forests.

These are all great experiences to have and can be incredibly enriching for the individual. But part of having vast and isolated landscapes in Australia means that it’s easy to get lost. So as you journey onward and discover all the world has to offer, don’t forget to stay safe. Bring a reliable map with you as you forge new paths in your travels.


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