Jetty, set, go!

The ocean is part of Australian life. It shapes our culture, our values and the time we share with friends. It can be fun, relaxing and everything you need when visiting our beautiful nation.

Here are just a few water sports on offer in Australia.

Jet skiing 

For the thrill seekers, Jet skiing is exhilarating and fast paced. Expect to be sprayed with water, expect to have your body flung chaotically around and even expect to fall into the water at a sharp turn – if anything, that’s what makes it fun. 

Scuba Diving

Australia is known for its wildlife; deadly spiders, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas. But it also has an incredibly diverse marine life. Scuba Diving is a must for anyone visiting Australia. The Great Barrier Reef  off the coast of Queensland is one of Australia’s greatest environments but there are also plenty of places to scuba dive in other states and areas. Deep in the oceans, you’ll find colourful coral (which is often lacking on the surface for those who only go snorkelling), turtles, stingrays, different schools of fish and everything else you can imagine (think Finding Nemo in real life).

Also, scuba diving makes for incredibly aesthetic holiday photographs of your stretched out face, surrounded by marine life.



Fishing isn’t a water sport, I hear you say? Well, I beg to differ.

Imagine fighting a ginormous fish, tugging at the hook with the power of a tail that has evolved throughout the years for this very purpose. Your arm muscles flex as you pull and reel in this brutal battle: man vs. fish.

The line is curving; it’s about to snap. Time to get serious. You plant your feet firmly on the ground and tense your core muscles. If the fish is going to use all its might then so will you. And you do. And in that glorious moment, you feel the fishing rod straighten as the fish splashes to the surface in tired defeat. You have won. You have won your dinner.

Now it’ll just be another 2 hours waiting for a fish to appear before your next workout battle.

Additional Warning –  Jetty safety

Now, just an additional warning when it comes to water sports: watch your step. See that dodgy jetty with eroding planks of wood, holding on by their fingertips? See the rust developing on the metal rods holding the pier up? Yeah, you might want to think twice before setting up camp with all your fishing gear, scuba diving equipment or that heavy picnic basket you’re planning to load onto the boat.

If you’re not careful, you might end up having this happen to you.

The local council in America clearly forgot to call Neptune to inspect their harbour infrastructure. It makes a funny story, but only when it’s not you that it happens to.

On that note, go and enjoy the Australian waters and remember to stay safe!

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