International Visitor Survey: Australia’s Tourism Sector Is Booming!

A tourism boom?

A tourism boom?

It seems the Australian tourism sector is experiencing something of a renaissance. According to the new International Visitor Survey, the industry has hit its highest point since the Sydney Olympic Games. The data revealed that more than $91-million is spent by foreign visitors each and every day, a truly staggering and impressive figure.

In its strongest showing since 2001, the Australian tourism sector accounted for a whopping segment of the vacation-pie, with $33.4-billion injected into the national economy. The figure is up ten per cent on last year, with $3.2-billion in extra revenue making all the difference.

Federal Tourism Minister Andrew Robb was keen to spruik the results, a beacon of light in a sometimes dreary landscape. “Today’s result once again demonstrates that tourism is one of our greatest strengths,” Mr Robb told the media. “Tourism can be our fastest growing sector this decade if we continue to leverage our “clean, green and safe” brand to position ourselves as the number one, long-haul destination in Asia.”

Though some of those assertions are indeed contentious (‘clean’ and ‘green’, for instance), Mr. Robb seemed glad that the sector was back up and booming. He attributed this rise to the impact of tourists visiting from places such as China. In fact, the data revealed that Chinese tourists accounted more than 20 per cent of the total gains, with more than $7-billion dollars spent by Chinese nationals on holidays and short-term trips. “With China now accounting for one in every five dollars spent by international visitors, it is clear that China is vital to the sustained growth of our tourism sector,” Mr. Robb stated.

For the ebullient minister, the survey is an indicator of clear skies ahead. “With new records for international tourism, growth in spend not seen since the Sydney Olympic Games and a reinvigorated tourism investment pipeline, the Australian tourism industry is well positioned to prosper as one of our great economic strengths.”

Here’s hoping this positive assessment is right on the mark, and the money continues rolling in.

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