A Winters Esacape, Part 2: A day trip in Huskisson

Huskisson is a stunning small town located a mere 20 minute drive away from Sanctuary Point. The main street offers a picturesque view of Jervis Bay and a smattering of coffee shops, restaurants, and craft stores. I ventured to Huskisson early, kickstarting the day with an early whale watching trip.

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Whales Ahoy

We booked with Dolphin Cruises:  tickets start at $65 per person for a 2 hour whale watching experience.
Unfortunately, our cruise is about 45 minutes late, so we kill time waiting down at the dock – thankfully someone has had the foresight to install some benches so we’re not too uncomfortable. Soon enough, the jet boat arrives, and our party climbs aboard, along with many other groups of families. The boat speeds off towards the head of Jervis Bay and immediately the wind is high and biting cold. We’re offered complimentary wind jackets by the crew, and everyone pulls them on gratefully and hunkers down.

It takes about half and hour to make it out of the heads of Jervis Bay. Once there, the crew invites us all to spot the whales. The trick is to look for the small plumes of sea water expelled by humpbacks as they breathe. After a tense 15 minutes one of the crew spot two humpbacks next to the north head some 20 kilometres away. We rush towards them, and then wait with anticipation until 15 minutes later we are rewarded with two humpbacks surfacing, just 3 metres away from the side of the boat. It is a truly magical experience to watch the awe-inspiring humpbacks dive and resurface above the water. After about 20 minutes or so, it’s time to head back in for lunch.

Later that afternoon we head to Huskisson Pictures – the tiny 1 room theatre which hosts the current big and small movies for only $10 per ticket. The place is small but quaint. It has the intimate small movie setting but with all the snacks and trimmings you would find at a larger cinema; choc top anyone?

For dinner we head to the Huskisson Pub for the bistro.  This pub is warm and welcoming and boasted some of the freshest seafood I’ve ever tasted. The service was high quality, with friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere.

I order the fish of the day: a grilled barramundi with potato and broccoli. My companions opt for tempura prawns with salad and a dish called Earth n Sea – beef with king prawns.

The barramundi is incredibly fresh, tender and perfectly cooked. The skin is crunchy and just the right amount of salt, whilst the flesh of the fish is melt-in-your-mouth perfectly cooked. The potato’s are simple but delicious, roasted on a bed of poached broccoli stems. This is combined with a lime and saffron sauce, that provides a tangy counter point to the soft umami flavour of the barramundi.

My dining companions report their meals to be equally satisfying, and a taste of each confirms, soft fresh prawn wrapped in a perfectly crunchy tempura, and tender beef. I would highly recommend any of these meals at the Huskisson Pub.

Overall, Huskisson is beautiful town and well worth a visit.

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