How To Find A Decent Backpackers Hostel


Poolside Bar at Kimberley Klub

It’s that time of year again. Australia’s legendary Summer is approaching and people from the Northern Hemisphere are flocking down under, desperate to escape the winter and keen to experience an unforgettable adventure.

For those daring backpackers who have bought a one-way ticket and plan to stay here until the money runs dry, hostels are your best option. It’s where you get to meet people from around the world and experience the more chilled Aussie lifestyle.

Here’s a few things to look for when picking a suitable hostel.

A Bar

There’s nothing worse than coming to a country (alone or with only one other friend) and staying at a fancy hotel where the only person you meet is the concierge (who is paid to be nice to you).

Here in Australia, our social setting usually involves bumming around with mates and a few beers. A hostel with an open environment  and a bar (rather than isolated rooms and no shared space) are the perfect places to make new friends and meet fellow travellers who also want to see the sites.

Organised Events and Activities

If you’re the kind of person that struggles to strike up a conversation with that person sitting on the other side of the bar, try to find a hostel with organised events! Joining events like dress-up parties, quiz nights, bingo, and pool competitions will share the love and create unforgettable memories.

Swimming Pool

It’s Australia and it’s summer. Almost every Australian you meet is likely to live in the water. Swimming, tanning and going to the beach are huge parts of Australian culture. It’s a scientific fact that Australians are happier in the sun. But remember to slip, slop, slap (at least SPF 30 sunscreen) because the suns rays are especially harsh out here.

Shuttle Service

Australia is huge. And if you’re planning on scaling some of the more remote parts of Australian outback, public transport is not always going to be available. A hostel that has a shuttle service helps to relieve the stress of trying to navigate foreign roads.

Most backpackers come to Australia to meet people, party, and gaze at Australia’s wondrous landscapes. A hostel with these four things is sure to offer just that.

This article was brought to you by Kimberley Klub, a backpackers hostel located in Broome, Western Australia. 

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