Hikaru Japananese Courtyard Restaurant

Last Saturday, a spur of the moment change of plans led us to Hikaru Japanese Courtyard Restaurant in Newtown. I have to say, this was one the best accidental finds I’ve ever made.

The four of us stumbled in around 7:30 and managed to get a table that had just been vacated. We were unsure what to order, so we decided to go for the set meal, this was retrospectively a very good decision.

Looking around, it seemed the drawcard was the sushi. Most tables had beautiful looking sushi rolls on them, and I was curious to try. The sushi here is pretty good, but Hikaru’s strengths are definitely lie with the cooked dishes of meat, hotpot and noodles. Hikaru has the best value set meal hands down. The amount of food you get for the price is ridiculous. Four of us ordered two set menu’s for two and we could not finish them.

The meals sets are either vegetarian ($69 for two)or meat ($79 for two). This allowed us to try all the best dishes Hikaru has to offer including a large tray of sashimi, tofu and meat dishes and tempura.

We waited about 15 minutes for the food to arrive, but when it did we were soon overwhelmed with the amount of delicious food that kept arriving. We had golden and crunchy tempura, delicious miso soup and incredible raw beef with salad. There was delicious curried spinach, a gorgeous tray of handmade sushi and sashimi – at least 20 pieces worth. My favourite was the beautifully done agadashi tofu. It’s a soft, sweet and salty tofu served in clear sauce with spring onion on top. My second favourite was the stir fried pork, which was soft, tender and well seasoned.

By time we’d eaten all that we were pretty full, but the food still kept coming. Next was a delicious curried sweet potato dish, then the 2 hotspots, which arrived together. The hotpot here is one of the best I’ve had anywhere. It was presented uncooked on a mini gas stove, the ingredients made up of fish, tofu, beef, and then a range of vegetables which lay on top of clear glass noodles.  The soup itself struck the perfect balance between sweet and salty, and contained some unidentifiable but warming flavour, which was extremely satisfying.

Overall, I’d say Hikaru is a good place to go if you’re into big servings as all dishes are generous. Price ranges from $15 to $30 per dish and it is by all accounts a nice place to have a dinner with friends.

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