A Hedonist’s Holiday

Holidays are all about letting loose. Forgetting and foregoing the restrictions of everyday life to enjoy and experience new things, and return to existing guilty pleasures. The sensory, physical, and emotional gratification we often seek during holidays aligns closely with hedonism, which is all about fulfilling desires and pleasure thresholds , independent of societal and social norms and expectations.

Adopting a hedonist’s attitude while on holidays allows travelers to truly unwind and indulge. Depending on the extent of the traveler’s adherence to hedonism, sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll could well feature heavily. Not that we condone all three, of course!


Even the word hedonishedonist-drinkm seems to evoke Epicurean visions of the wine, exotic performances, and elaborate foods enjoyed by the elites of late Roman Republic. Reclining on a chaise longue and sipping from a bronze cup isn’t a particularly common practice in public Sydney establishments, but dragging Epicurean indulgence into the 21st century isn’t particularly difficult. Just select a bar (or several) and start drinking, basically.

As we all know, prolonged alcoholic over-indulgence can have damaging ramifications. Similarly, concerns in recent years have escalated in Sydney over the rise in public, alcohol-fuelled violence. So be sure to enjoy your drinks, but take precautions to avoid any unfortunate endings to your night.


One way of minimising your post-alcohol punishment is to go in with a full stomach. Forgetting about dietary restrictions is one of the most basic rules of hedonistic indulgence. Think dairy, carbs, and lots and lots of treats that you’d normally try to avoid.

A classical hedonist’s diet isn’t necessarily all that harmful, anyway: platters of cheese, grapes, seafood, and antipasti are sure to fill you up, but still bring some health benefits that a more conventional Western diet could fail to capture. So try and put a lid on your guilt, and just enjoy.

Traditional hedonism has an edge of sophistication to it; it’s not about gorging on food for the sake of it, but rather enjoying the taste and texture of food. To enjoy this experiential style of dining, a KFC Family Variety Bucket should probably be eschewed in favour of a more dynamic dining experience. Restaurant guides will help you to scope out some of the best local dining options – even if they hit your hip pocket somewhat hard.


As our attitudes towards sexuality become more permissive, physical intimacy is reclaiming its status as a key component of hedonism. Apps like Tindr and Grindr are unlikely to raise any eyebrows today. The joys of sexual activity are clear and well-documented. They are also demonstrated by the success of Sydney Escorts in securing regular and loyal clients.

Of course, traditional means of courtship – from one-on-one dates, to Dutch courage – are still very much in use. However, for those seeking a sensual thrill without any strings, an escort in Sydney may prove to be a preferable option. High class adult escort services in Sydney will provide an experience that is sure to be sensually satisfying – and could help burn off some of the calories accumulated through all that eating and drinking.

Just because a holiday tends to cleanse your mind, doesn’t mean that you should feel the need to purify your body too. So eat, drink, and, er,  be merry!

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