Golden River – A Golden Retreat

Great performance requires great recovery. It’s a sporting analogy that is true for all of life. And on occasions who isn’t asked for an exceptional effort in their day-to-day lives? Be it in work, in relationships, or striving in any sphere we all get tested.

This is what I learned from speaking to a well-known Australian author whom I met at Golden River Holiday Park Mildura.

She looked wan and drained (a feeling I understand from hiving written my own novella once – it is one fo the most trying experiences of my life). She told me at the conclusion of each of her books she has retreated to One of the Aspen Parks Properties. Sometimes she caravans, sometimes she camps, sometimes (like now) she indulges in the comfort afforded by top end holiday parks such as Golden River Holiday Park.

“The thing they all have in common,” she told me wearily, ‘is peacefulness.’

Peace. We each need it. There is only so much effort that can be given to any project before any more effort becomes counterproductive. But it seems a part of life too often neglected. Often it is only too late we realize how exhausted we have become; only when we have already succumbed to injury or sickness or lost our temper …

Sitting with this writer in the tranquil surroundings of Golden River Holiday Park Mildura I could almost see her drawing strength and serenity from our surroundings.

“There are the amenities when you need them,” she said, “and lots of National Parks to walk when you need to be alone.”

And she is right. From Golden River Holiday Park it is only a short drive to the stunning Mungo National park and the Murray Sunset National Park: Both remarkable places in which to immerse yourself in nature. Places to unwind, relax, and re-balance.

“Many people read my books to escape the daily grind of their lives,” The writer continued, “I come here.”

We sat quietly and watched the sunset over the bushland. I could feel the tension ebb from me.

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