If You go Down to the Woods Today…

Despite what the song suggests, if you go down to the Australian woods today, you probably won’t find bears sitting on a picnic rug, sipping on tea, nibbling on cake and discussing Australia’s political situation.

No, wild bears are much more of an American thing.


Source: Without a Paddle (film)

Instead, in Australia, you will find solitude, serenity, silence and a diverse range of fragrances coming together from all the fresh flora that Australia has on offer.

Australia is blessed with having a plethora of amazing wildlife and plants. In Tasmania, we’ve got the rare and endangered species of Tasmanian Devils roaming about in the woods at night as well as friendly wallabies, snakes and majestic wedge-tail eagles.

A particular favourite of mine in terms of flora is Mt Field National Park in Tasmania because the dry climate ensures a fantastic blend of trees and ferns. The tall trees walk certainly feels like you’re venturing into the heart of the Australian woods. There is the sound of rushing water in the distance, coming from the famous Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls. The air is clean, the walking tracks is empty and all around you are unfathomably tall alpine trees, looming over you, watching you, guarding you.

From traditional gumtrees to fragrant alpines, Australia’s diverse climate is home to many types of trees. It is this blessing that allows our manufacturers and craftsmen to create a range of excellent quality and sturdy wood works. From candle holders to plates to coasters to clocks, Australian local markets are often packed with magnificent, earthy creations such as those sold by Australian Woodwork.

A company that is deeply familiar with woodworking is Bench Standard and they provide great advice on the intricacies of the craft from biscuit jointing to dovetail joinery.

The materials you can get in Australia are venerable in their quality and sturdiness. When visiting Australia, I would definitely recommend taking one of these remarkable works back with you to add to your mantlepiece. Or for the more daring and hands-on people, why not try to make one for yourself? We’ve got the tools and supplies for you to take your very own piece of Australia home.

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