Giant Whale Flies in Canberra Skies

Canberra might be a little less boring than we all thought. I haven’t met many people from Canberra but when I do, they all seem to insist that Canberra is way cooler than the stereotype – old, fuddy duddy politicians grumbling in the grey streets to each other – suggests.

I’ve always felt that visiting Parliament House, going down the slide at Questacon and seeing the Floriade once was more than enough. But I might have changed my mind. From Saturday 8 March to this Sunday 16 March, Canberra’s skies will be lit up at sunrise by the sun – oh, and also a plethora of majestic hot air balloons as part of the 2014 Canberra Balloon Spectacular Festival.


Not all of these are just your average hot air balloon either. As your eyes scan the sky, filled with all the majestic colours of the rainbow, you suddenly see this big grey creature that looks like a Zoidberg-pigeon-whale hybrid with eight nipples hanging from its sides. The thing you see is  the Skywhale, sculpted by Patricia Piccinini, which has been of particular interest to spectators.



The festival is held on the lawns of Old Parliament House where a multitude of hot air balloons will launch at 7am and fly over the lake and city. If you’ve got cash to spare, you can hire a weekend flight for $360 per person or $260 for a child aged 12-16 years old (call 02 6285 1540, or email [email protected]). Each flight is 45-60 minutes and includes a certificate, champagne and breakfast.

For the rest of you, you can always watch the balloons for free with a camera ready to take your next Instagram shot.

So hop in the car/train/plane and head to Canberra before the weekend is over!

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