How To Get That Dream Job And See The World!

I’ve been working in tourism for about ten years now, and I still love every minute of it. Whether I’m out and about or stuck in the office, there’s always something appealing about helping people enjoy themselves. Holidays are sometimes the most memorable things we can do with our lives, so I’m happy to play my small part and help people discover their options.

So it was with a sense of strange interest that I decided to accept a more “behind the scenes” role in the company, one that would require me to travel the world developing contacts far and wide. I’d definitely miss the face to face nature of working with people, but it was a dream offer, and one I couldn’t refuse.

While I was finishing the last few weeks of my old role, the Human Resources department forwarded me an email containing some information. As part of the promotion, a Police Check was mandated. I’d only been subjected to one such check before, back when I was a student. But the company had taken care of it themselves. This time it seemed the onus was on me to provide the documents, as it was my career being advanced.

Fellow employees said they’d gone the State Police route, but that it had taken time. Indeed, when I began to inquire (with just five days remaining until official commencement) I figured out what they meant. The wait time was long and unnecessarily difficult. I resolved to go online and source an answer.

A few days later, with time ticking away, I made a last resort effort to fix this persistent problem. Everything else was already in place, but HR were already asking about when the Police Check might be expected. Later that afternoon, I bit the bullet and decided to call National Crime Check.

From the first conversation onwards, I felt as though it would be easily solved. They explained the entire procedure to me, letting me know all the critical information related to the search. The brilliant phone service and friendly manner helped make it easier and less time consuming. By the time our first conversation was over, I wasn’t really worried about it anymore.

With constant updates on the progress of my report, I was able to better understand how to quickly and efficiently expedite the process. I followed his instructions when I had to and eventually got it across the line with forty eight hours or so to spare. The Human Resources department was eventually sent a copy of the results, and my promotion went through smoothly.

I really recommend the team over at National Crime Check. Anyone needing a check of this sort should look no further. They give the best advice and deliver on their promises within a limited timeframe. So don’t let silly details get in the way of a dream job and create a bunch of unnecessary stress. Just get cracking on a simple solution and roll on!

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