Frank Gehry Comes To Sydney To Open New UTS Building!

Mr. Gehry's interesting design....

Mr. Gehry’s interesting design….

Internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry was in Sydney this week, opening his new University of Technology Sydney (UTS) business school building. The brave design has made the most of an impressive space and it will no doubt become something of a tourist attraction. But what were Mr. Gehry’s greater artistic aims?

The architectural genius described the source of inspiration behind the buildings flowing structures and somewhat shapeless forms. “The fold is primitive, you’re in your mother’s arms when you’re a child, and so we tried to do that with brick,” he told the SMH. “Maybe it’s a brown paper bag, but it’s flexible on the inside, there’s a lot of room for changes or movement.”

After being ushered around the impressive new educational space, Mr. Gehry seemed happy and perhaps relieved. When asked about his own level of satisfaction with the project, the artist was self-effacingly honest. “Oh boy. I’m Jewish and I feel guilty about everything,” he joked. “It’ll take me two years to come around, I see all the things I would change and want to change, and [all the things] actually I wouldn’t change. It’s a lot of pride, because they’re acting like they like it.”

The new building has seen increased interest in a portion of the city unused to aesthetically pleasing redevelopment. Occupying a space beside the monolithic UTS Tower building, the new business school building will surely light up the landscape and add a touch of levity to the downtown cityscape. It will also appeal to plenty of sightseers and tourists wishing to check out Mr. Gehry’s latest innovative endeavour (in the past he has designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the famous Sound Shells in Chicago).

So be sure to make it along and fully investigate this wondrous new addition to Sydney’s architectural scene!


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