Flinders Ranges

Living in leafy Sydney, it’s easy to forget why Australia is called a “sunburnt country”. Visiting Flinders Ranges is like stepping on a different planet. The colours are more vibrant and saturated, the air toasty like newly-roasted damper.

The Ranges are  366 km north of Adelaide. It’s South Australia’s largest mountain ranges, spanning 430 km from Port Pirie to Lake Callabonna and one of Australia’s most ancient rock formations, around  540 million years old.

German-Australian painter Hans Heysen once described the Flinders Ranges as being “the bones of the earth laid bare”. The barrenness of the landscape has similarly attracted throngs of local artists. It’s a popular sight for painters, sculptors and photographers alike.

Hans Heysen, “Aroona” (1939) 42.2 x 62.0 cm watercolour on paper

The highest peak in the Flinders Ranges is the Wilpena Pound. It’s 6.4km up and takes around 4 hours to climb. Reaching the top is enough of an achievement as it is but then there’s the view! It’s definitely worth the hike. You won’t regret it.

Staying in the Flinders Ranges

In the heart of Flinders Ranges, the Rawnsley Park Station Eco Villas, are affordable, homely and family-friendly. It’s around $100 a night for a one bedroom self-contained unit. The villas are clean, comfortable and the perfect place to kick back your legs after a long day’s hiking.

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