Five Tips For Aussie Camping Festivals!

The camping community...

The camping community…

Australians have long enjoyed outdoor music festivals during the long, hot summer months. The busy season brings down many great performers, offering travellers the chance to immerse themselves in a truly Australian event. Camping festivals such as Peat’s Ridge and Golden Plains have become the year’s hot ticket events, so here’s a quick survival guide for all newcomers…

Bring a sturdy tent. The Australian landscape can be unforgiving, so make sure you have a quality tent capable of handling heavy sunlight and the many other Aussie elements. If you have a choice, spend a little extra cash on a solid-frame tent made from canvas (or another durable textile). Other options include renting your gear from a local source.

Consider the harsh Aussie sun. Your festival experience can be dampened by the unbelievable heat and soaring temperatures. To make sure that your experience is comfortable and safe, make sure you bring along plenty of protective gear and sunscreen. Hats and sunglasses are a must, and light clothing is also essential. Sunscreen should be of a high SPF rating and purpose-made for long, sweaty days.

Stay hydrated. Festival organisers do their best to ensure that participants have access to water, so always make the most of free water. Bringing a reusable metal bottle along will also cut down on unnecessary waste and general expenses.

Bring all the gadgets you need. Oftentimes, your various technological bits and pieces will come in handy during the festival. A phone and a flashlight are must-have items, but recharging them can be tricky. Portable charging units and hand-wound torches are worth bringing, ensuring that your festival experience is as fun and stress-free as possible.

Keep these few simple suggestions in mind, and you’re likely to have an awesome summer festival! If you have any other suggestions and handy hints, please feel free to respond via social media and share your ideas with others.

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