Filming Begins On New Tourism Campaign Focused On Beaches And Coastal Areas.

Tourism Australia, the nation’s peak tourism body, has announced that filming for a new advertising campaign has officially begun. Some of the nation’s most iconic tourist destinations will feature in the promotional material, designed to capitalise on Australia’s unique landscape and appeal to a wider international audience.

The forty million dollar campaign will be spread out across several distinct platforms, with Tourism Australia making sure that key international markets and demographic are targeted. As part of the campaign, the peak body has accentuated the popularity of aquatic and coastal experiences; according to newly gathered data, more than seventy percent of international visitors identified these kinds of experiences as central to their Australian holidays.

Accordingly, the new advertising feature will prominently feature coastal attractions including the Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory, Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, the iconic Whitsunday Islands and the Gold Coast. Eight more ocean-side locations will be added to the feature as part of a concerted campaign to spread the benefits of the tourist dollar.

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said it was natural that water and sea-side fun would appeal to an international audience. “Water is a huge part of the Australian way of life, whether it be catching a wave, swimming, beach cricket, snorkelling and scuba diving, marvelling our amazing marine wildlife or eating our incredible seafood,” he explained.

“We know our offering in this area is strong but we also know that we face increasingly stiff international competition from countries such as South Africa, Hawaii and the USA, who are all raising their game. Whilst these aquatic and coastal experiences have always been an important part of the Australia story, they’ve never before taken centre stage.”

By investing in a marketing push targeted at key perceptions of tourism within Australia, the authority believes that it can better connect with visitors’ expectations. “This campaign will do just that, by putting aquatic and coastal Australia on the main stage,” Mr. O’Sullivan added.

It might not be the freshest take on Australian tourism, but we know it works..

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