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While the typical holiday attractions for tourist in Australia tend to be scattered along the east coast, the west has its own collection of rivals. Everything from the Margaret River to Perth and Fremantle, Western Australia is pulling out the big guns to show it’s still in the race for top tourist destinations in the land downunder. Fremantle, for example, is absolutely fabulous. Located on the coast, just 30 minutes from Perth’s city centre, the bustling and dynamic port city of Fremantle has long been renowned for its eclectic mix of quirky and alternative characters. Whether you’re relaxing with some fish and chips by the water, or discovering some of the hidden cafe delights, Fremantle has something for everyone, and is bound to be the ultimate in holiday hotspots – family, couples or otherwise!

Things to do in Fremantle


When in Fremantle, there are a number of attractions and absolute gems to uncover. We fill you in on the top tourist destinations.

  • Fremantle Markets: All over this sunny little town are markets – you can’t miss them! Whether it’s the creative culture and local art at the Fremantle Markets, or the gorgeous fresh produce at Western Farmer’s Market, you’re bound to find some absolute treasures. With even a Mad Hatter’s Market, you won’t want to miss these beauties!
  • Fremantle Prison: One of Western Australia’s premier tourist attractions, the prison is the first built heritage site in Western Australia to be World Heritage Listed. Built in the 1850s, and overlooking both the town and the ocean, this historical site is absolutely worth a walk through.
  • fremantleRottnest Island: Jump on a ferry at Victoria Quay, and head over to this delicious island for some exploring and reconnecting with nature. The Island boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Western Australia. Follow the snorkel and reef trails and experience beautiful Parker Point, Little Armstrong, Parakeet and Salmon Bays to name a few.
  • Fremantle Chocolate: Owned by the Margaret River Fudge Factory, this delectable attraction boasts some of the best chocolate in Australia. Visitors are treated to free chocolate and fudge tasting, as well as the ability to watch their superb chocolates being hand crafted through a viewing gallery window. With 26 amazing flavours of chocolate, you desperately need to splurge on this one!

Where to stay in Fremantle

fremantleFremantle has any number of amazing places to stay, depending on your budget and who you’re bringing. As a fantastic place for a family trip, you can’t go past some good old-fashioned caravan and camping. Get the kids together, go exploring through Fremantle, then kick back and enjoy the beauty that is Aspen Park accommodation. There’s plenty of places to suit your personal taste, but our pick? Woodman Point Holiday Accommodation WA.

Fremantle is one of the pure beauties of Australia. You can scour the entire coastline of this enormous country, and find only a handful of places as pretty as Fremantle. Book a caravan, explore the beaches, and go crazy on the local food and culture. Why not discover something amazing on the western side of Oz?

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