exmouthIf someone asks you to think of a place in Australia with pristine blue water and squeaky white sand you would probably conjure up beaches in the Whitsundays, on Fraser Island or on New South Wale’s south coast. If you were told this coastal town also had idyllic surfing waves, whale watching, weather of 25ºC + pretty much all year round,  nearby gorges and national parks, turtle nesting, snorkelling, scuba diving, access to a range of world class walks and used to be a US Submarine base during WWII, you may be a little stumped.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the hidden and stunning location of Western Australia’s Exmouth.


November to March is the perfect time to observe the miraculous moment of turtles nesting and hatching then making their arduous journey into the ocean. Visit the Jurabi Turtle Centre by day to learn all about these wonderful creatures then witness the marvel for yourself by night. At Exmouth, you are also able to view the awe-inspiring sights of whales and sharks Ningaloo Reef snorkellingnavigating their way through the ocean, with one of the many cruises or reef tours.


With the coast being the central attraction of Exmouth, there are plenty of marine activities to partake in. Aside from the many reef tours traversing the eminent Ningaloo Reef , you can also engage in high-quality kitesurfing and windsurfing, kayak tours, and a large number of snorkelling or scuba diving tours. Fishing is also highly renowned in the area, as is surfing. The prime surfing beaches are Surfers Beach, the ‘Bombie’ (perfect for goofies), Wobiri  (great for the groms) and the neighbouring Muiron and Montebello Islands.

On Land

As well as having unparalleled beauty under the water, a visit to Exmouth is well worth the effort for the amazing wilderness on land also. Cape Range National Park is located adjacent to Exmouth, on WA’s North West Cape. Its unique appeal can be attributed to its remote and rugged coastline wilderness, unique stone country which seamlessly transforms into arid coastal plains, its lavish Aboriginal heritage and the plethora of vibrant colours covering the cape range national parkremarkable landscape. On top of this, there is also a rare Shothole Canyon produced by the explosives set off in the exploration of oil in 1950, astonishing walks through the Mandu Mandy Gorge and a number of gorgeous bays and lookouts. Exmouth is also renowned for its high class golf class, the most phenomenal location to have a swing.

Getting There

The Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef Region is located 1270km north or Perth, making it either a half hour flight or a 15 hour drive. Travelling via caravan and camping is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get you to the region, and it makes transporting yourself around to the many sights much easier. You could also make a road trip out of it by going through Geraldton, Shell Beach and Lake Mcleod from Perth. You could even continue the trip further north to Broome.


There is a range of holiday options around the entire cape region, catering to many different tastes and budgets. With backpackers, resorts, Aspen Parks caravan parks, villages and plenty of camping areas, you’ll be sure to find something to suit you. Easily one of the most valuable, centrally located and diverse accommodation options is Exmouth Cape Holiday Park, complete with camp sites, modern cabins, kitchens, pools and even games rooms.

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