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Is the Melbourne Power System Vulnerable?

My best friend and I were having an argument about whether or not the city of Melbourne was vulnerable to a terrorist attack (as I’m sure everyone does). For extremists there are plenty of targets; but none as alluring as water and power. But they both have the same thing protecting them. And it’s not what you might think. Because, if nothing else, the internet has taught us that the most powerful defence to any network is ubiquity – having multiple sources from which to produce, and through which to distribute, your item, be it water, power or information.

Now there are many large, well surveilled damns and a labyrinth of pipes dedicated to supplying the city of Melbourne with fresh water. To take out even a fifty of them would make no appreciable difference to the city; but what about power?

The system of overhead power lines in any city set the standard for ubiquitous, complex networks, but when it comes to sourcing power then the numbers start to dwindle. Or so I thought.electric01

Energy Power Systems Australia

A quick search of Google led me to Energy Power Systems Australia. This company is the leader in power generation in Australia and a staple of backup power for most major cities, including the city of Melbourne. In fact, throughout the city there are no fewer than 71 generators capable of creating 120,000 kilowatts of energy. Most homes use around 12 kilowatts of energy per day – you do the maths. And remember, this is only in the heart of Melbourne; there are more in other suburbs, many more. Plus, these are CAT Generators, the state-of-the-art in energy production and reliance. They are built to work when nothing else will.

electric02So, should any group manage to disable Melbourne’s main sources of energy production (unlikely to impossible as this is) these CAT’s would takeover. To use a medical analogy: In the event of a disruption to primary power sources the city of Melbourne would cough once and carry on like nothing had ever happened.

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