Energy Power Systems and Midsummer Night’s Dream

Nothing ever goes to plan; not ever.

The Gold Coast Shakespearean Players had sought and received permission to stage William A midsummer night's dream 2Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on some council land in Tally Valley. It was a grassy, leafy area; well away from homes and industry. Guests would park their cars and enjoy a short walk through torch lit scrublands leading them to the open air performance area.

More often than not Shakespeare’s own plays were performed under the stars, just as this would be. Michael, the director, loved it. The scrub on all sides of ‘the round’ theatre would provide a sense of remoteness; of being transported to another world – exactly what Shakespeare envisaged for this play.

Michael chose his actors carefully. He drilled them patiently. He employed artists and stagehands from the local community and everyone threw themselves into the task.

As spring gave way to summer, and opening night drew closer, Michael began marketing. He had promotional bills printed, radio advertising broadcast, he even had actors performing one-minute flashmob scenes from the play in shopping malls and public areas.

A midsummer night's dreamEverything was progressing marvellously.

Until dress rehearsal.

Even before the opening line had been delivered Michael knew disaster was imminent. For the torches used to light the guests’ path from the parking to the performance area would not stay lit. Summertime on the Gold Coast means southerly winds: gusting southerly winds. And as fast as the torches could be lit, they blew out again.

Michael gathered everyone in the car park (no one could find their way to the performance area in any case), his voice tense and panicked. He asked for ideas.

‘We need a generator,’ Merianne said. Merianne was a stagehand, quiet and reliable.

Michael scoffed. Generators are only slightly less noisy than a Boeing jet taking off. They’re no use in a rural setting.

‘That’s not true.’ She looked a little surprised at her own forthrightness – disagreeing with the Imacon Color Scannerdirector so openly. ‘I mean…’ she went on, ‘they may have been once, but now you can hire generators that are virtually silent.’

‘You can hire them?’ Michael was surprised.

‘My Dad hired one for his fiftieth birthday party. He has a property out west and wanted the party outdoors.’

‘Find out who he hired through and tell me immediately.’

Energy Power Systems Australia was quite okay with the last minute emergency call. They are used to it.

A midsummer night's dream 1When you hire out energy producing equipment a lot of your calls are emergencies. Michael phoned them first thing in the morning. By midday he had an Energy Power Systems Australia representative on site looking at the path needing to be lit. Bulbs were already being strung and signs hung. The rep’ nodded to Michael and speed dialled his phone. Two hours before sundown, two and a half hours before the first theatre-goer arrived, the lights were twinkling along the path. They bathed the scrubland and open air theatre in a warm, golden radiance and charmed the audience before the play had even begun.

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