Eden (The Coastal Town Not the Garden)

Although you may be disappointed to discover that New South Wale’s Eden is not in fact the miraculous garden of God, you can take solace in the knowledge that it does certainly live up to its synonymic meaning of paradise. Eden is a historic whaling town that centres around Twofold Bay located just south of Merimbula. Eden is a must-see attraction for those wishing to witness unparalleled whale encounters, experience rich Australian heritage and discover incredible coastlines, wildflower meadows and eucalypt woodlands.

eden whales
Aslings Beach

Aslings beach is located in the centre of  the town of Eden and is the prime source for unforgettable whale sightings. It is ideal for the entire family as it is located just opposite the Caravan and Camping Holiday Parks and is within a short distance to the exotic web of bushwalks and coastline explorations hidden within the pristine Ben Boyd National Park.

Ben Boyd National Park

Ben Boyd National Park features a jagged coastline of folded red rocks, stunning surfing beaches, heathlands, forests and a plethora of rare native Australian wildlife such as long-nosed potoroos. It is also home to plenty of peaceful campsites, protected inlets and a historic lighthouse, which highlights the national park’s rich history. The area is named after a prominent 19th century entrepeneur, Benjamin Boyd, and the site also has particular significance to the local Yuin Aboriginal people.

Twofold Bay

Claiming the esteemed title of being the heart and soul of Eden and its history, Twofold Bay is a must-see (and probably unavoidable) attraction for any visitors in the area. The bay was home to shore-based whaling stations, stories from which can be learnt at the Eden Killer Whale Museum. It was also the focal area for Benjamin Boyd in his development of Boyd’s Tower, edenBoydtown and the Seahorse Inn.

Experiencing the wonderfully uncivilised locale of Eden, which perfectly blends the olden days and modern times would be a trip well worth your while. Stay at the centrally located Aspen Parks
for convenient and easy access to all the environmental splendours and historical stories Eden has to offer. Or if you want to make a trip of it and explore the stunningly isolated surrounding areas of Pambula, the Bega Valley or Nadgee Nature reserve, simply buy a holiday home and your journeying opportunities will become endless.

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