East Woody Beach

east_woody_beach1The sequestered coast hidden atop the Northern point of Australia’s rich Arnhem land is hailed as one of the Northern Territory’s and even Australia’s most remote and stunning beaches. East Woody Beach (Galaru) is an incredibly isolated beach that offers cerulean waters, expansive stretches of coastline, tropical sunsets, untouched forests, inland waterways and plenty of activities. The beach is magnificent in its length and natural beauty, as it remains untainted by the forces of tourism.

East Woody Island

East Woody Island (Dhamitjinya) is a conical 25m high granite peak, lying at the Western end of East Woody Beach. The island is around two hectares in size and is permanently connected to the beach via sand banks. It is a renowned birdwatching area, perfect for the keen native bird spotter looking to witness the glorious airborne sights of rare, local East Woody Island inhabitants.


Aside from birdwatching there are a plethora of other activities you can undertake around East Woody Beach. The coast is well known for its fishing and crabbing and it also has a car park and picnic area. If the weather and timing is right, you could also catch a good wave on the azure waters of East Woody Beach. The small swell, remote location and remarkable landscape makes East Woody Beach the perfect place for the little ones to have a go surfing in truly Aussie terrain. Simply buy online Elnino softboards in Australia, jump in the car and head on the family road trip of a lifetime. The wetlands are also a site to behold, yet be wary of  crocodiles, which are known to roam around this land. There are a number of opportunities for walking and boating around this rugged landscape.

east woody beach sunsetAccess

East Woody Beach is located just 2km north of the bauxite-mining town, Nhulunby, which is just over 1000km drive from Darwin. There is road access via a gravel road at the back of the beach, however, you need a permit from Dhimurru before entering the region. The East Woody Beach area is managed by Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation in Nhulunbuy. You should also be wary of tides at your time of visit as this can affect access.


Travelling through Arnhem land provides you with a great insight into Australian Aboriginal heritage, and allows you to explore raw parts of Australia untouched by development, tourism or business. It is the ideal locale for a family road trip,  a remote adventure with friends or a romantic and secluded getaway with a partner. To make the most of the pristine waters, be sure to buy online foam Enlino surfboards in Australia before setting off. For any other ocean gear you may need for the kids to take advantage of the Northern Territory’s beaches, head to The Grom. Visit the Dhimurru website for more information on travelling to East Woody Beach and gaining permits, or call them on +61 08 8939 2700.


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