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As Summer comfortably sets itself in to the now warm and sunny Aussie landscape, the ideal time to do an East Coast road trip is upon us. The vast expanses of vibrant land and innumerable secret nooks and crevices spanning the country make Australia the perfect land for a highly memorable road trip. With time off over the Christmas period, the low costs of travelling on the road and the perfect landscape in which to do it, there’s simply no excuse to justify not planning your own East Coast road trip this Summer, regardless of how large or small.

There are a seemingly never ending number of places worth visiting along the east coast of Australia. Yet most of them are difficult to get to without your own car or without the know-how of the best places to visit. To get away from the claustrophobic Christmas crowds and avoid inflated holiday flights, buying a holiday home and setting off to wherever your heart desires is a flawless way of ticking off all the locations on your bucket list and tailoring the price, length and route exactly to you.

Here is a list from North to South of some of the most worthwhile and less travelled places for you and your partner, friends or family to visit this Christmas/New Year period.


Cairns is a idyllic tropical paradise, which provides easy access to a range of stunning and unique scenic locations in the area. Make sure you go for a scuba dive in the pristine Great Barrier Reef and try to check out some nearby rainforest areas such as the incredibly secluded Hinchinbrook Island and the lush Daintree Rainforest.

whitsundaysAirlie Beach and the Whitsundays

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays are a perfect stop off for people looking for a bit of a party, an island experience of awe-inspiring beauty or a relaxing and luxurious break. Try to rent your own sail boat and go out on the open water by yourself for a few nights of pure bliss.

Carnarvon Gorge

If you’ve got the time, it is well worth making the detour inland to Carnarvon Gorge. A site of exquisite charm and allure and rich Aboriginal history, the overnight walk will provide you with a truly memorable experience that is well worth your while.

Fraser Island

After heading back out to the coast, you could travel straight to Bundaberg to pick up a bottle or two of authentic Bundy Rum, then head south to the renowned Fraser Island. As the largest sand island in the world, immersing yourself in the splendid rainforests is a truly unique experience and visiting the many lakes with their sparkling water and huge sand dunes is truly an unparalleled sight.

Sunshine Coast

On your way past the Sunny Coast, be sure to spend a night in the calm and tranquil beach of Noosa and try out some exciting water sports at Caloundra.

springbrookGold Coast

Rather than hitting up the over-hyped suburb of Surfers Paradise, make your visit to the Gold Coast more enjoyable by visiting one of the exciting theme parks, going to a more secluded beach such as Miami or Burleigh and doing a walk through the dazzling Springbrook National Park.

Byron Bay

A quintessential Aussie town loved by all tourists and locals alike, you simply can’t miss Byron Bay on an east coast road trip. Although the crowds will be significantly larger around Christmas and New Years, the relaxed, hippie vibe will still permeate the serene environment. If you’re looking for a more authentic hippie experience (and some fantastics markets), head to the smaller town of Bangalow just a short drive from Byron Bay.

The Headlands

South of Byron, there are a plethora of headlands and bay, which are perfect for camping or a slightly for comfortable stay at an Australian Holiday and Resort Park. These are much less crowded and retain their wonderful small town feel even through the holiday period. The key places to visit are Lennox Head, Evans Head, Yamba and Flat Rock.

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a great coastal town that has a bigger city feel to it. For all your creature comforts and fantastic surf, your east coast road trip won’t be the same without it.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is an incredibly diverse location, which includes incredible beaches, beautiful nearby rainforests, wineries, great food and plenty of accommodation options.

myall lakesMyall Lakes Region

The Myall Lakes region includes a myriad of quaint, secluded beaches and coastal towns that are simply begging the roaming road tripper to drop on by. Hawks Nest, Smiths Lake and Forster are some of my favourite areas, which all have plenty of holiday houses to rent or affordable parks to stay at such as Aspen Parks.

Jervis Bay

Skipping the well known locations of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, another secluded goldmine for your east coast road trip is the picturesque coast of Jervis Bay. The entire district around Shoalhaven Heads, Kiama and Jervis Bay is an absolute essential for the lengthy east coast road tripper.

South Coast

South of there, key coastal wonders to visit along your travels include Batemans Bay, Tarthra and Merimbula. Once again they provide you with an unparalleled experience filled with charming towns, pristine coastlands and beautiful forests, not people.

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