A Day-Long Degustation in Sydney

A lifetime resident of Sydney, Rachel Borthwick uncovers some of the city’ s most underrated yet awe-inspiring places to have a day-long degustation.

day long degustationSydney, with its culinary cultural enclaves and easy-to-navigate public transport system, affords locals the perfect opportunity to indulge in a day of sampling some of the finest cuisines on offer. From an indulgent breakfast of flaky pastries and award winning caffeine hits to ending the night on a sweet note of sticky Turkish ice cream (and everything in between), this is the ultimate in do-it-yourself food tours. We’l take full credit for introducing you to your new favourite hangs, but be warned: you’re on your own when it comes to the inevitable food comas!


Le Petit Creme (116 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst)

Our first stop is in so-trendy-it-hurts Darlinghurst. Make like a Parisian and don’t even think of walking through the door of this tiny cafe before 9am. Swan on in for a gruyere-laden omelette and a ‘le bol’, quite literally a bowl of coffee or hot chocolate. Indulgent? Yes. Will you need a nap afterwards? Most likely.


Shanghai Night (275 Liverpool St, Ashfield)

Undoubtedly, the tendency to head to Chinatown is a no-brainer. It is a hot spot for authentic Chinese food. But hop on a train to nearby Ashfield and you’ll be treated to some of the city’s most delectable dumplings, minus the tourists and tourist prices. Regulars here swear by the fried pork and crab buns.


Sweet Belem (35B New Canterbury Rd, Petersham)

It seems almost sacrilegious to say we’re ‘uncovering’ this little gem; it is indeed an institution in ‘Little Portugal’. Profiled countless times on television and in food magazines, this Inner West cake boutique sells the best Portuguese tarts you will ever taste. Flaky pastry, a dense custard filling and just the right amount of caramelisation on top will have you wanting more than one. Our tip: bundle up a four pack for a midnight snack.


Al Aseel (189 Missenden Rd, Newtown)
There’s no denying it, the Lebanese know how to do a feast. This establishment is worshipped by uni students, families and city-slicker-corporate-types alike for the simple fact that their food is out of this world. Nibble on the complimentary flatbread and pickles before ordering a smorgasbord of share plates designed to make your taste buds tingle and your pants just that little bit tighter.


Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream (63-71 Enmore Rd, Newtown)

For our last stop, its an easy stroll (or should that be, roll?) down King Street and onto Enmore Road to a place where dessert is an art form. The ice cream is sticky, chewy and comparable to nougat, in other words, it is delectable. The flavours are typically Mediterranean and come with a sprinkling of pistachio. For those with a penchant for pastry, the baklava is second to none.

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