City Guide: Three Days In Sydney!

For those with a limited amount of time to spend in the seaside city of Sydney, the options can be overwhelming. There’s so much to see and do and so many delightful and unexpected treats found around every corner. To guide you through a smorgasbord of options, here’s a wrap-up of the best Sydney has to offer… in three days!

Day One. First, you’ll need a bit of time to recover from the long trip and intense heat! If you stay in the inner city section, an afternoon stroll along through the Central Business District is a great way to learn the layout of the downtown area. Grab a gelato, or a coffee, and wind your way down to Circular Quay. As night falls, you’ll be treated to a gorgeous cityscape like no other: the majestic Opera House, the impressive Harbour Bridge and the faraway lights of Luna Park. There’s plenty of fine dining on offer, so be sure to grab a seat with a view of the breezy harbour. At night, hop on a train and head into Newtown for a locally brewed beer.

Day Two. Wake up bright and early and head into the CBD area. This time, you’ll see the city come alive with thousands of visitors and busy-bee workers! There are so many worthwhile places to stop for a delectable breakfast, but follow the crowds to find a local favourite. A walking tour of Sydney’s inner city can take a few hours, so be prepared for a nice walk. Take in Sydney’s iconic Town Hall and the lovely Queen Victoria Building (which is adjacent). Make your way up to Hyde Park (a leafy, urban oasis) and visit the glorious St. Mary’s Cathedral. Walking down Macquarie Street, visitors are treated to a smattering of Old Sydney buildings. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the colourful Royal Botanical Gardens. At the far end of the sprawling gardens, visitors are treated to a spectacular view of the Harbour area. From Circular Quay, you can catch the train to Bondi Junction, the home of Sydney’s most iconic beach. As the sun sets, enjoy the sparkling ocean view with a ‘fish-n-chip’ dinner and some good company!

Day Three. Now, it’s up to you, but we heartily recommend a trip outside of the main CBD area. There are plenty of lovely places to see and so many cultural delights on offer. If you’re up for a day of cultural and culinary delights, a trip to Marrickville or Leichhardt is in order. If you’re up for something a little bit more natural, a day trip out to Manly or Bronte will reward intrepid travellers with incredible outdoor views and plenty of fine swimming. At night, visit Sydney’s Chinatown for gob-smackingly good food. When night has fallen, grab a gelato and stroll the Darling Harbour boardwalk.

Of course, if you had more time, you could see and do so much more. But don’t worry; you can always come back to our sunny shores!

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