City Guide: An Extra Day In Sydney!

Following on from our previous article, we’ve decided to cover all the bases and provide three more options for an extra day in Sydney! If your flight is cancelled (or you simply change your mind) here are a few more highlights from the city by the sea…

Option One. If you’re a nature lover, Taronga Zoo offers visitors the chance to see our famous local fauna. It’s a lovely day trip, offering tourists a trip out on the waves and an unforgettable harbour-side experience. Inside, you’ll see koalas, kangaroos, platypuses, and so much more. Once you’re back in the city (it will be mid-afternoon, at the earliest), think about visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, conveniently located a stone’s throw from the dock. Inside, get a feel for Australia’s contemporary art scene. Afterwards, make your way up to the rocks for a beer at dusk. You deserve it!

Sydney's Northern Beaches

Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Option Two. If you’ve got a car, think about heading out to Sydney’s Northern Beaches region. It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s totally worth it. With pristine beaches and a glistening-white reputation, the Northern Beaches offer supreme delights to those in love with the ocean. Visit the iconic Manly Beach, and stop for an Aussie pub lunch. After you’ve had a swim, head off to Curl Curl Beach for the amazing scenery and local flavour. Depending on the time of day, head out to Mona Vale Beach and watch the surfers tackle the afternoon waves. If you’re still standing after your day of sun and fun, reward yourself with a tasty slice of pizza from one of the many trattorias on Stanley Street (near Hyde Park),

Option Three. Wander around and find your own fun! Sydney’s a bustling city with so much to see and do, so don’t be afraid to get in amongst the natives. If you’re game, catch a train or bus out to our sprawling suburbs and witness everyday Aussie life for yourself. Nab a beer at an RSL, or a cocktail in hip Newtown; eat a Calippo or try a life-changing artisinal gelato; savour a great meat pie or tuck into a tasty Pad Thai; but always remember to enjoy the sunshine!

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