Christmas Is Coming


Christmas is just around the corner, and it certainly is obvious. Every supermarket, office and shopping mall in Sydney is decked out in tinsel and christmas trees galore. But it’s exciting, right? We’re all out buying Christmas presents and picking ones for ourselves. We’re planning drinks with friends to celebrate the season, and organising whether Christmas day will be at grandma’s or aunty Bev’s place. It’s a busy season, and while everyone celebrates it differently, there’s one classic event that gets everyone’s spirits singing. Christmas carols are a traditional festivity that brings family, friends and good food together, along with some quality sing-a-longs. And North Sydney Council is putting on a cracker of an event this year.

North Sydney Community Christmas Carols

On 6th December, the community of North Sydney are putting on their annual carols evening, and it’s bound to be a great night out. Whether you’re heading there with friends, or want to take the whole family, it’s the perfect picnic to get you excited for Christmas! The carols are held at Civic Park, and kick off around 6.30pm. The event is held in conjunction with the Twilight Food Fair, so if you’re not bringing your own picnic basket, there will be plenty of other tasty dinner options to choose from.

ChristmasAs for the carols, you can expect all the usual tunes from the North Sydney Girls High School Choir and Orchestra. There will, of course, be a visit from Santa and the Christmas Fairy Princess, which should send the kids into a spin. There will also be a kids craft corner, in case the adults need a bit of time alone with the wine and cheese platters. Whatever age bracket you belong to, you’ll find a good time with these North Sydney Christmas carols.

And in case you’re not from this side of the Harbour Bridge, or even from Sydney for that matter, there’s no need to miss out! Around this time, it can be a tad busier than usual, but if you book now, you’re bound to find a relaxing Sydney Hotel to stay in. The Royal North Shore Hospital Hotel is the closest you’ll find to these Christmas carols, and is an exceptionally awesome place to crash after all the festive fun. Make a few days of it, and trek into the city to see the giant Christmas tree and the David Jones window display. Wherever you’re looking to stay, you’ll find great accommodation with places like Hotel Urban Sydney to stay in.

Christmas is an extremely enjoyable and exciting time, no matter what age you are. The city lights up in festive decorations, the shops are playing carols, and everywhere you look there’s something to celebrate the silly season. The North Sydney Community Carols are just one of the amazing events on, and is a fantastic way to kick off the good times that come with Christmas.

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