Caravanning Around Australia

Seeing the intricate, isolated little corners and crevices of the country is one of the most exciting aspects of travelling around Australia. The little towns with the friendliest vibe, the funny attractions that don’t have nearby airports and the stopover locations with the most intriguing personalities are some of the most precious places this great land of ours has to offer. So rather than simply flying to the major cities around the country and not noticing all the little things that makes Australia so unique, why not set about caravanning around the country to truly witness all the majestic locations Australia has to offer?

Whether you and your partner have just retired and want to visit the many places you’ve never even heard of, the family is looking to take an extended holiday to appreciate our rich culture and heritage (not to mention each other), if you’re taking an adventurous gap year after school or university or you’ve just come down under and seek a true Australian experience, caravanning around Australia is the ideal way to see what the country has to offer.

Far more than just the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – although these are well worth visiting – the small rural towns, isolated bush areas, Aboriginal heritage and resplendent natural wonders of Australia are what truly sets us apart from other countries.

The Logistics of Caravanning around Australia

Although it may well be worth your while to hop in a caravan and witness the beautiful nooks and crannies of the country, the difficulties in overcoming logistics of jet setting off around the country may set people back. However, such a caravanning trip may actually be less complex than you think.

With the combined luxury of acting as your transport vehicle and your accommodation, caravanning makes your trip around Australia infintiely easier and cheaper. One of the best ways to keep costs down is to buy a caravan or campervan before setting out on the trip and then if you don’t need it at the conclusion of the trip, simply sell it upon your return for a slightly lower price than what you bought it at. According to Expedition Australia, the average cost of staying in a National Park per night is $12 and the average cost of a caravan park is $28 per night. In comparison to the average cost of a motel at $90 a night, this shows that caravanning will be sure to keep your expenses at a minimum. Having your own kitchen appliances and utensils would also make cooking a much more viable option, thus allowing you to eat cheaper and healthier home-made meals more often.

One of the other main logistics of leaving your daily routine for an extended period of time is the worry of leaving the house, pets, garden or kids. Obviously these would be some of the greatest concerns holding potential-caravanners back from experiencing this once in a lifetime trip. The best advice would be to wait for (or make the most of) a time in which you have limited things holding you back such as kids, study, jobs or elderly parents. Why not bring the pet along with you and if that’s not an option leave it with family or friends you trust. Ask a neighbour to maintain the garden for a small fee and ensure you invest in quality alarm security services to protect your house and contents.

There would be nothing more devastating than returning to an empty house following such a fantastic holiday, so ensure you look into Network IP Video Surveillance Services in Australia before departing. With a huge range of alarm, monitoring, camera and security services, ADACs would ensure your house is completely secure – leaving you with the piece of mind to focus solely on making the most of the splendours Australia has to offer.

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