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Everyone has their opinions on what constitutes a good holiday. Are you a beach person? Do you prefer cold winters and big jackets? Are you a lover of museums and art? Maybe, you’re a car enthusiast. And if you are, we have just the holiday for you.

Picture yourself, travelling around Australia, exploring all the museums, worshipping modern car advancements, and driving a few cool vehicles yourself. We’ve got the top places you have to see if you have any kind of love for cars.

National Motor Museum

Your first stop, naturally, should be the best museum in Australia. Nestled in the beautiful surrounds by the River Torrens in Adelaide’s picturesque hills, this museum is a short 50 kilometres from Adelaide. It houses over 300 of Australia’s most prized vintage, veteran and classic motor vehicles. It gives visitors an image of what life was like in the heyday of the car, and how cars have changed over time.

The museum hosts special events each year including the Bay to Birdwood Run, The Bay to Birdwood Classic and the Rock ‘n Roll Rendezvous.

Harris Street Motor Museum

This little gem is not as big as other car museums, but certainly makes up for it in charm and location. Situated right behind Darling Harbour, Harris Street presents over 160 classic motor vehicles, bikes and commercial vehicles. Among the top notch attractions are an Edward VII Gardener’s Serpollet steam car, the unique Delorean, and actor Anthony Quinn’s 1959 Chevrolet.


Portland Powerhouse Motor and Car Museum

Another classic transport place of worship, this museum features everything from a Penny Farthing bicycle to a 1920’s Cable Tram and Grip car. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of vintage car memorabilia to get you going, as well as stacks of interactive fun with two sectioned, push button operated motors, a Holden 6 cylinder grey motor and a Mazda rotary. You’ll find this one on the corner of Percy and Glenelg St, in Portland, Victoria. Enjoy yourselves!

Classic Car Investments

If you’re still dying for a little more exciting motor vehicle action, there’s one more stop to make on your trip. A tour of Oz would not be complete without delving into the world of classic car investments and the restoration business. Classic Car Investments hosts seminars on all your favourite  models, gives you the chance to have a vintage car restored, and even buy into an investment. Think luxury classic and vintage car investments in Australia, and you’re bound to get the heart racing. These guys have classic car investments in Australia, the UK and USA, so if you can’t make it to Australia’s museum, you can discover the magic all over the world.

Classic, vintage and iconic car models are a highlight of many holidays. Sure, they’re mainly a guy’s idea of heaven, but there are plenty of fun things to find in all of these old-style museums. Add it to the bucket list, and make it a mission to see at least one of these amazing museums. The trip down history lane is too good to miss!

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  1. Barry Smith says:

    Hi Hannah, my dad is keen to visit the Harris Street motor museum later this year when he’s in Australia but I can’t find any website/information on it and the number associated with it appears disconnected. Do you know if anything has happened to the museum and if not do you have any other contact information?


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