Canberra Reflects On Nation’s Past With Prominent New Public Artwork!

Canberra is a must-see Australian city. More than a simple political and social epicentre, Canberra is renowned for its wonderful cultural arts scene. From the ‘Skywhale’ to countless wonderful NGA exhibitions, Canberra is fast becoming a hot-spot for the arts within Australia. A new public sculpture is set to cement their reputation as one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations.

A new ‘wave-like’ sculpture will be built in Immigration Place, the end result of a national design competition that drew thousands of entries. Melbourne artist Callum Morton’s design was judged as the finest representation of Australia’s history of immigration. The competition jury members found that Mr. Morton’s work “…evokes the oceans that were crossed, the emotional ups and downs of this transformative experience, the ripples of change that travel down the generations, and the Australian landscape”.

Mr. Morton in a gallery...

Mr. Morton in a gallery…

The impressive wavy sculpture is set to dazzle onlookers, but the story behind its grand design is just as fascinating. “We wanted to try and do something that captured the whole story of migration, from its earliest form … right through to today, with the refuge crisis and asylum seekers,” Mr. Morton told the ABC. “All these forms of migration need to be captured in something like this.”

But the artist was also keen to represent Australia’s indigenous past. “Some in the Indigenous community believe that they came across the [land] bridge 40,000 years ago, so that is a story of migration as well,” he explained. “Of course not all Indigenous people believe that.”

When asked to describe his creation, Mr. Morton is able to clearly express his artistic intentions. “Our design takes the form of a sine wave,” he said. “The sine wave in a way captures this idea of the waves of migration and the turbulence of the ocean. But it’s also something of a cloud. It rolls up and down. It’s layers of thin steel stacked on top of each other, with different spaces … creating these worlds inside.”

The epic sculpture is set to be built outside the National Archives in the Canberra suburb of Parkes. The prominent position will no doubt allow the artistic work to be enjoyed from the famous National Circuit or along the iconic Kings Avenue.

So be sure to follow the progress of the construction and maybe even visit the new artwork once it’s finished. You won’t regret it!

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