Cairns – Australia’s Tropical Paradise

Cairns is one of the most luscious and majestic locations in the country where all the best things Australia has to offer intersect. Whether you’re looking for one of the most abundant marine areas on the globe, which is also considered one of the eight natural wonders of the world, or if you seek pristine tropical rainforests, adventurous activities or all the features of a city, Cairns is a platter of all encompassing travel marvels.

The Great Barrier Reef

You don’t gain the title of being one of the eight most amazing natural sites around the world for being a somewhat impressive reef. A snorkel through the awe-inspiring great barrier reef will open your eyes and stupefy your mind with the most incredible array of marine life and colours that you may have never even knew existed.

Its prime location on the doorstep of this miraculous reef makes Cairns the ultimate holiday destination to visit and experience firsthand the plethora of marine splendours the great barrier reef has to offer.


As well as featuring some of the most beautiful sites int he world off the shore of Cairns, it also has a variety of relaxing and picturesque beach locations. Rather than trying to find a tiny spot in amongst the mass of people on a a beaches shores as you find in major cities, at Mission Beach, Palm Cove Beach or Trinity Beach, you’ll have to find a spot in amongst the natural coastal and marine wildlife. These serene locations are the epitome of tranquil and will be sure to give you an unforgettable beach experience.

Wildlife Parks

Aside from the abundant wildlife parks found in the reefs, beaches and the sublime Daintree Rainforest, you can guarantee you will witness all the adorable, fascinating and unique animals this region has to offer at one of its many wildlife parks. With a Rainforest Nature Park that takes you on amphibious rainforest tours and Aboriginal tours, a Wildlife Habitat park that is the biggest of its kind in Australia, a Butterfly Sanctuary and an all weather inner city tropical zoo, you can rest assured that every type of animal of wildlife will be covered.


Cairns is also one of the adventure capitals of Australia, with endless opportunity to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. You could choose from the unique extreme activity of heli-rafting (yes it is a combination of helicopter riding and rafting), zipping over the tropics on a giant flying fox, jungle surfing through the rainforest or bungee jumping to see the forests from a new perspective. If that weren’t enough you could also go jet boating, underwater motorised scootering, kayaking, quad biking, white water rafting, hot air ballooning or bushwalking.

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Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, I was a keen surfer and beach junkie from early on. My first overseas trip was to the Caribbean, and I've been chasing the summer sun ever since. I wrapped up my media degree at uni, and decided to move to Australia. The land downunder is full of beaches, babes and brilliant adventures. I'm just hitch-hiking my way around this sunny paradise, one travel blog at a time.
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