Experience the Untouched Beauty of Bruny Island

Bruny IslandDoes the allure of having an entire stretch of stunning beach surrounded by pristine wilderness all to yourself entice your imagination? Does the opportunity to indulge in decadent meals, stay in luxurious resorts and engage in adventurous activities tickle your fancy? Then Tasmania, and more specifically Bruny Island, is the must-visit destination for you in 2015. Bruny Island  is a short trip from Hobart and offers a plethora of accommodation and activity options to suit every age and budget. From the broke backpacker looking to ‘rough it’ in a tent, to the family wanting some much-needed time away, to the retiree wanting to explore the incredible untouched locales Australia has to offer, Bruny Island has it all.

After having visited the island myself last week I can offer some helpful travel tips to make the most of this phenomenal island. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when visiting Tasmania’s premier travel destination.

Bruny Island the neck1. Rent a Car or Van

This is one of the mistakes I made myself so am well aware of the annoyances of not having a car on the island. The idea that Bruny Island is still relatively undiscovered means that tourism hasn’t completely taken off. To overcome this catch-22 of small crowds but limited transport options, travellers to the island should ensure they have a vehicle. Having made a spontaneous decision to head to the island and having done very little research prior to our visit there, my friends and I were shocked when we boarded the ferry to Bruny Island as the only walk-on visitors, surrounded by a sea of vehicles. The friendly old man on the ferry confusedly asked us how we were planning on getting around the island once there considering there is no public transport from the ferry terminal. Thankfully we found a friendly traveller who was happy to give us a lift and help us find accommodation, but this did mean that we had to be flexible anddidn’t get to all of the most popular and beautiful areas of the island. We still had an incredible time regardless, but made a pact to return to the island one day with a car to guarantee a more comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

2. Do a Walk

Bruny Island offers a huge suite of incredible walks through sweeping plains, across unparalleled coastlines and in unique national parks. Some of the highlights include South Bruny National Park, Fluted Cape, the Neck (see photo above), the Luggaboine Circuit and Cape Queen Elizabeth.

Bruny Island Oysters3. Wine and Dine

On top of getting shucked at Bruny Island’s renowned Fresh Oyster farm, there are also a myriad of other fine wining and dining experiences for travellers. Highlights featuring fresh local produce include the Bruny Island Berry Farm and the the Cheese Company. For those with a few extra dollars in the piggy bank to make the most of local produce and the stunning views all in one, the Bruny Island Premium Wines Bar and Grill is another sure-fire addition to the itinerary.

The beauty of Bruny Island is that there are so many areas to explore, so few people and so much incredible local produce to enjoy. As well as planning some tours or river cruises in advance, it is also easy to simply go for a drive through the phenomenal landscape. Explore the nooks and crannies of the island and find your own unique and secluded spot at which to soak up the sun, sand and isolated wilderness.

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