The Brisbane’s Beautiful Hotel Urban

You can walk to Hotel Urban, Brisbane, from the Roma Street Station. In fact, I recommend you do. It’s the best way to appreciate the care and imagination that has gone into its design and construction.

You’ll go by the Roma Street Parklands before you see the beautiful Hotel Urban rising out ofHotel Urban the city block. It reminded me of a pack of white concrete playing cards; or perhaps a modern ziggurat with an Easter Island Statue motif? It’s an incredibly impressive building; all the more so because it doesn’t intimidate its surroundings. Instead, it exudes a sort of quiet, self-assured dignity.

This feeling is only increased once you enter. It feels like breathing a huge psychological sigh of relief. There is a theme of mahogany brown and bone-white throughout this splendid building. Every room designed with clean lines, generous space and commanding views. Every line leads your eye on, out or up. It’s worth every visitor’s while just to wander through Hotel Urban to enjoy and relax in its scripted tranquility.

I’ve never fully understood how buildings can be designed and furnished to create certain Brisbane Panoramareactions. Sure, coffee shops are brown, clothes shops are colourful, libraries are quiet and theatres are – well – theatrical. But Hotel Urban goes beyond the expected décor. It makes a statement. And this statement is given expression in your reaction to it.

Sky BoardroomIf you can get one of the staff to sneak you in – cheat, lie or threaten to see the Sky Boardroom at night. The large windows allow the city lights to glimmer like the firmament it hides. This room is sumptuously decorated: Arid reds wash into muddy browns. Light, straight-backed chairs compliment the heavy, solid meeting table. It’s a room that evokes intimacy, clarity and focus – beautiful without drawing attention to itself.

When next you’re in Brisbane I truly recommend you visit Hotel Urban, if only to have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. But if you can, treat yourself. Stay a few nights and soak up the richness of this beautiful building. You will be better for the experience.

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