Brisbane International Film Festival

film festivalAustralian films get a bit of a bad reputation sometimes. They aren’t as large-scale as the movies in America, they don’t cover the most interesting stories, and they often end up stereotyping another Aussie outback narrative. But that’s just a small minority, because there is actually an enormous amount of talented film makers in Australia. From all around the country, and all around the world, some classic films have been born at this film festival, and it’s an event well worth making the trip for. Immerse yourself in some of the fantastic culture and art that Australia has created. Enjoy the feeling of being one of the first people to ever watch these films, and the feeling of seeing quality films on the big screen. It’s an event that gets you out of your comfort zone, away from the routine, and engaged in the new, unique experiences of Australian and international film.

What to expect from the film festival

Since the first festival in 1992, more than 375,000 film-goers have immersed themselves in the Brisbane International Film Festival experience. The film festival has become a well-renowned Australian event, launching films like The Full Monty, The Usual Suspects, Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? and An Education. Organised by the Screen Culture unit at Screen Queensland, the festival program includes features, documentaries, shorts, experimental efforts, retrospectives, late night thrillers, animation and children’s films. Talk about diversity! Whether you’re coming with the partner, your grandma or your three kids under three, the film festival really does have something for everybody.

film festival

The film festival begins on 13th November and continues until the closing ceremony on 24th November. The film festival features events including the opening and closing night celebrations, special screenings, seminars, question and answer sessions, and awards ceremonies. As well as promoting local Australian content, the festival includes films from around the globe. To keep updated, the official Brisbane International Film Festival Facebook page has regular updates of coming films, trailers and teasers posted each day in the lead up.

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film festival

The Brisbane International Film Festival is an event that celebrates all things art, culture and visual stimulation. The work that has gone into establishing an event that showcases such beautiful films from Australia and the world, is a credit to Australia’s commitment to quality film. If you fancy yourself a bit of a movie buff, it might be time to check it all out.

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