Boating and Fishing Accessories and the Marine Expo

The Marine and Watercraft International Expo has just finished on the Gold Coast. But it nearly didn’t start. Without the efforts of Boating Accessories Australia, a small online boating and fishing accessories business in Perth, the multi-million dollar event wouldn’t have opened its doors.mid-america-boat-fishing-show-3626-800x800

All because of bureaucracy.

For someone in the Boating and Fisheries Department found that all watercraft available for sale in the great state of Queensland must comply with the Marine and Harbour Safety Code; even if they are not sailing in Queensland waters; Even if they are being towed along a highway or transported in truck.

And, of course, this irrelevant subclause was seized upon by the Department bureaucrats.

Now there is an international safety standard to which all marine vessels must adhere. But local states and territories are quite within their rights to supplement these rules according to their local conditions and expectations. Queensland has done just this.

So, a week before the Expo was to begin a letter was sent from the Department to the show’s organisers.

The reaction was immediate.

A threat to fine some of the most prestigious boat builders in the world, who build some of theLuxuary most beautiful and safe boats in the world, for trivial non-compliance issues was beyond ridiculous – it was an insult. It was also very damaging to the reputation of the organisers, the state of Queensland, and the event itself.

It was too late to warn vendors, they’re merchandise was either already being set up or on the way. Plus the organiser’s pleas for sense fell on deaf ears at the Department. It was crunch time and the organisers needed a creative solution.

So they enlisted the aid of a barrister who specialised in marine law. She quickly made a list of the accessories all the craft would need to comply with the Queensland amendments.

With this list in hand, the organisers then set about sourcing suppliers.

Boating and fishingIt’s not as easy as you might think to source multiple numbers of the same boat parts and have them delivered in less than a week. In fact, it’s near impossible.

It took a full day to track down the one boating and fishing online accessories business that could deliver what was needed in time. And they were on the other side of the country! Unbelievably, Boating Accessories Australia promised to source the parts, pack them and deliver them in the few days remaining to the organisers.

The boat displayers weren’t happy when the heard their craft, so lovingly created, now had to have some ridiculous safety gear attached. But the organisers explained the scenario and the displayers shook their heads.

And that is how it happened that Boating Accessories Australia, a small online boating accessories business in Perth, saved a multi-million dollar boating and fishing expo on the other side of the country.

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