Beating Jet Lag

jet lag

Travelling is one of the most exciting things you can experience in life, and when you find yourself in a new place, there’s nothing better than to go exploring. But when you’re travelling long distances, it’s not uncommon to be struck down by jet lag. Australia, in particular, is one of those far away places where jet lag is inevitable, and when it hits you, it hits you hard. Don’t let this pesky nuisance ruin your holiday, forcing you to spend valuable days reclining on a lounge and nodding off at breakfast. Push through the jet lag, get out of your hotel room, and discover why you booked your holiday in the first place!

Beat the jet lag blues

Think ahead

Instead of attempting (and failing) to adjust your body clock to a new time once you’ve already arrived at your destination, do it a few days before you actually leave. Especially before international travel, I’ll try get my body in the zone of wherever I’m headed. Go to sleep a little earlier, change your routine to suit your new location, and get up a little earlier so you’re body doesn’t get completely confused once you’ve arrived. Once you’re in your holiday destination, stick with their pattern. No matter how tired you are, try really hard to stay awake until an acceptable bed-time so your body can adjust quicker.

Start on the right foot

Or the right plate, as it turns out. Fair enough, you’re on holidays, and you’ll want to get all of the wicked local cuisine into you, but for your first day of holidays, stick to healthy, nutritious meals. This way, your body will get all the help it needs to fight off jet lag and perk you up for all your adventures. On the topic of health, try get outside and go for a brisk walk or jog in the morning to wake yourself up and get some fresh air. Nothing beats jet lag like a rush of fresh air as you run around your new neighbourhood.

Make water your friend

In the days leading up to the big departure, make friends with H2O and get super hydrated. Every chance you get, guzzle down the good stuff so that when you’re on the flight, your body is feeling fresh, and when you land you have every chance of warding off lethargy. And as tempting as it is to get amongst the in-flight alcohol, your best bet is to steer clear of it until you’ve landed. Jet lag is a pain, so keep it under wraps wherever you can.

jet lag

Pop a pill?

A quick search on Google and you’ll find any number of ‘cures’ for jet lag. They all generally offer the same advice, regarding hydration and setting your body clock, but then there are some recommendations for meds that can help ward off jet lag. Sleeping pills aren’t recommended highly as they tend to mess with your body more once you’ve landed. Melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that occurs naturally in your brain and controls the body’s daily rhythm, can be bought from chemists, and is the secret of many frequent travellers. A Sydney Morning Herald article offered a few words of wisdom that I particularly enjoyed. “A morning dose of Berocca can help flush the fuzz from your brain, and that’s a tip straight from the pilot’s seat.”

Worse than jet lag?

There are few things that can screw up a holiday more than jet lag, and not having travel insurance is one of them. When you’re travelling overseas, anything can happen, so finding cheap travel insurance in Australia is absolutely vital. At home, you have health insurance, so overseas, naturally you want this kind of cover to follow you. Don’t run the risk of not being covered, because when something goes wrong, it’s travel insurance companies like HIF that you’ll want on speed dial. If you can get on top of your jet lag, you can get on top of insurance too.

Travelling is an exciting, adventure-filled experience, and every trip is better than the last. Explore new places, without the hassle of jet lag, and enjoy everything this world has to offer.

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