Autumn Travels In New South Wales: The Best Places For An Off-Season Trip!

As many travellers may already know, travelling Australia can be quite expensive. As  way of getting around this fact of life, many international travellers will often arrive in Australia during an off-season (not summer or in peak holiday periods). The slight delay in arrival time will allow travellers to save a bundle on accommodation and travel, and it can also offer a less crowded alternative to peak-season travel. So, for all you autumnal travellers, here are a few special suggestions for your trip down under…

Beautiful Bowral...

Beautiful Bowral…


Bowral is one of the most iconic and quaint towns in Australia. The tree lined streets and cool air are a welcome change for those travellers accustomed to the hectic Sydney CBD region. In Bowral, there’s plenty to see and do, from historical buildings to fascinating cultural tours of the village. Most NSW residents would agree that Bowral is a must-see spot during the autumn and winter months.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains region is one of the most picturesque and natural places in all of New South Wales. The unique climate allows for a thoroughly different feeling to take hold, one centred around warm fires and cosy B&B’s. All in all, it’s the exact opposite of what many people expect of the Australian climate and landscape. Towns such as Leura and Katoomba boast must-see attractions (the Three Sisters and the Leura Waterfalls come to mind), although there are many lovely villages peppered along the perimeter of the expansive national park. So make sure you take the time to investigate the Blue Mountains region – after all, it’s only an hour and a half from Sydney’s CBD!

Richmond and Colo River Area

In Sydney’s north west, travellers will find the Richmond area. Renowned for its cool climate and verdant surroundings, there are many ideal places for camping in the Richmond area. The most renowned of these camp sites are found along the Colo River, a gorgeous locale which has long served Sydney’s outdoors communities. There are camping sites and amenities a-plenty, so investigate your options and make sure you make it along!

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