About Sam Oldfield

Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, I was a keen surfer and beach junkie from early on. My first overseas trip was to the Caribbean, and I've been chasing the summer sun ever since. I wrapped up my media degree at uni, and decided to move to Australia. The land downunder is full of beaches, babes and brilliant adventures. I'm just hitch-hiking my way around this sunny paradise, one travel blog at a time.

Melbourne Cup Carnival 2013


For an unparalleled experience of extravagant fashion, trembling excitement, fun with family or friends and a true experience of Australian, sport, lifestyle and culture, no Aussie traveller can miss the world renowned sporting event that completely stops the nation. The …

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Caravanning Around Australia


Seeing the intricate, isolated little corners and crevices of the country is one of the most exciting aspects of travelling around Australia. The little towns with the friendliest vibe, the funny attractions that don’t have nearby airports and the stopover …

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Cruising through Sydney Harbour


Easily one of the most esteemed harbours in Australia and even the world, and home to two of the most iconic Australian landmarks, Sydney Harbour is a splendour of sparkling water set against stunning cityscapes, a vast array of gorgeous …

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Oktoberfest Brisbane


Next month will be October, and you know what that means. It’s Oktoberfest, and it’s time to get excited. As Australians, we like to indulge in a little culture, and embrace the German tradition. We like to dress up, throw …

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Openair Cinema St Kilda


With each day warmer than the last, it’s not hard to get excited about the impending summer season. The days are longer, you can get around barefoot, and ice-cream is consumed in copious amounts. Another thing you get to look …

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The Working Holiday


Your laptop is open, and there’s pages on Australia flashing across the screen. Everything from Sydney to Perth and back again sounds appealing, and you’re ready to jump on the next plane over. But what if you don’t have the …

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Travel Tasmania: The Franklin River


Tasmania is one of those places you may never visit, even if you live in Australia. It seems like such a distant land, compared to say, Melbourne or Sydney. Making the trek just that little bit further to Tasmania isn’t …

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Guide to Sydney’s Best Beaches


Celebrated as being home to the most popular beach in Australia, Sydney is one of the country’s  favourite surfing destinations. With such as vast array of beaches on offer, ranging from the family friendly to the surfing guru homegrounds, Sydney’s …

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Explore Sexy Sydney


Sexy Sydney, I hear you ask? Why yes – didn’t you know? Sydney is one of the sexiest places around! Every year Mardi Gras reminds those of us living in sexy Sydney just how sexually liberal we are. Oxford Street …

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Classy Weekend in the Grand Hotel Melbourne


So work is stressful and your boss is putting on the pressure to get reports done by the end of the week. Maybe your kids are teething/crying/whinging about friends at school. The strain on you and your significant other is …

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Good Food Month and Grand Hotel Melbourne…


…a match made in heaven! I have a question for you – have you ever been to Melbourne? The cultural capital of Australia, brimming with style and flair? If your answer is no, then you might want to get yourself …

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Seven Bridges Walk, Sydney


The Cancer Council Seven Bridges Walk is on again on Sunday 27th October. In its eighth year, join the thousands of people supporting a cure for cancer by walking across 7 of Sydney’s iconic bridges, totalling 27km. The concept is …

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Art & About Sydney, hotels already filling up!


On any given day, Sydney is full of life and activity. People bustle through the streets on their way to work or to drinks after 5pm. On weekends, the city livens up with music, lights and dressed-up people. And if …

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Aboriginal Art Experience


Australian Aboriginal art is one of the most rich and encapsulating elements of culture you might ever see. The history of Indigenous Australians is both beautiful and painful, and the way art expresses these emotions is profound. All across Australia, …

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Things to See and Do in Brisbane


As Australia’s third largest and and one of the fastest growing cities, Brisbane is an increasingly popular place to settle down, with nearly 1000 people making the move to this subtropical urban paradise every week. Although Brisbane has often traditionally …

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Things to See and Do in Melbourne


Melbourne is easily one of Australia’s hottest tourist destinations and one of our most beautiful cities well worth boasting about. Many would argue that Melbourne has the most culture and style than any other Australian city thanks to its luxuriant …

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Melbourne magic


Melbourne is a city that is alive with colour. The streets are full of culture and fashion, and the trams ring loud with traveling commuters. Cafes bustle with coffee connoisseurs and shops invite you into a wardrobe wonderland. Intricate laneways are hidden …

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Ballarat is just over a hundred kilometres north west of Melbourne, and is the heart of country Victoria. Rich in history, Ballarat is famous for it’s part in the Australian gold rush, a trait that locals are still proud of …

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Alice Springs: Experience Aboriginal Culture


Aboriginal Australians are recognised as the original indigenous inhabitants of this great land. Before white settlers arrived in 1788, aborigines roamed the country and flourished with their dreamtime stories, their ancient traditions and rich culture. Aboriginal communities still exist all …

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Checklist for Traveling: Travel Insurance, Passports and Vaccinations


The beauty of travelling is that you can truly let yourself be free, have fun and not have to worry about the usual sort of life administration that pervades our everyday lives. Things like repairing the car, vacuuming the floors, …

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