Australian Essentials: Sydney’s Best Beaches!

It’s hard to describe Sydney on a hot summer’s day: it’s a beautiful sea-side city that oozes warmth and vibrant colours, all the while beckoning visitors to any one of its many iconic beaches. In anticipation of the end of winter, we’ve decided to put together a brief list of Sydney’s best beaches. Enjoy!

The charming Blamoral Beach!

The charming Blamoral Beach!

Coogee Beach. Big waves and heady winds combine to make Coogee the perfect place for a morning surf. For the less adventurous, Coogee is the ideal place for a midday nap or a sandy strut among the locals. The food and feel of Coogee also makes it feel typically Australian, with plenty of classic Australian beach fare on offer. In short, make sure you drop in to Coogee if you’re planning a trip down under.

Bondi Beach. Internationally renowned as one of the world’s foremost party beaches, Bondi attracts millions of visitors each year and leaves very few disappointed. Less intimate and quaint than many other Sydney beaches, Bondi is nevertheless worth the train fare and effort. Make sure you arrive at a decent time to set up your towel and umbrella; mid-summer crowds can be jaw dropping!

Balmoral Beach. Nestled in amongst oodles of luscious Pine Trees, Balmoral Beach is a local favourite. The beach is petite and sometimes shady, but the ocean is calm and welcoming to those overawed by the raw power of the Australian surf. The promenade along the water is always idyllic and there are plenty of local fish and chip shops to serve up some beach classics!

Manly Beach. Sydney’s Northern Beaches are best exemplified by the old world charms of famous Manly. The beach front suburb boasts an elegant boardwalk and uninterrupted views of an ocean expanse. The best bit: catching a ferry across the heads and gaining an understanding of the geographic beauty of the Sydney area.

We’re sure Sydneysiders have plenty of their own suggestions, so be sure to share your thoughts and comments on Twitter and Facebook. Bon travails!

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