Australia Day in Melbourne

Australia Day is a time for rituals. Indigenous culture, contemporary multiculturalism, and community harmony are always the focal points of celebrations across the country. If you’re a tourist visiting Melbourne on Australia Day, there are a few things you can expect: a predominance of flags, families, and beer, to begin with.

There are a number of annual events that come up year, in year out. Melbourne’s no exception, with a wide variety of options on offer.


Following a flag-raising ceremony outside the city’s Town Hall, an exuberant atmosphere will take hold, with hundreds of parade participants to march along Swanston Street, and then into St Kilda Road.

As part of the parade, eighty groups representing various cultures, sports teams, and other special interests will entertain crowds in a visual feast reflecting the diversity of Australian life. It’s likely that the parade will be over by the early afternoon, so there’s no reason the event can’t be used as a warm-up before moving on to something else. Booking into a well-placed Melbourne hotel could even offer a spectacular aerial view of the parade!

Fun Run

A lot of people see Australia Day as an opportunity to celebrate what they value about our nation. In many cases, that’s the ability to live in peace with one’s family. A fun run on the Mornington Peninsula will aim to generate interest from families hoping to start the day off together, with two different starting points to suit the abilities of entrants.

The 8.30 starting time also means that those attending will have plenty of time to make it to other commitments, meaning that BBQs, beach trips, and Hottest 100 listening parties won’t need to be skipped. Proceeds from the event will go towards local sporting and community groups.

Technology Market

Not everybody is enthusiastic about Australia Day. The date on which it is marked makes it somewhat controversial, and especially challenging for indigenous groups. If you’re not a hard-core patriot – for political or ideological reasons, or simply out of happenstance – there’s no reason you can’t treat the 26th – and the additional public holiday on the 27th – as any other extended weekend. Perhaps you’d enjoy the Technology Market being held in the city’s CBD, which involves swapping and displays of computers and other technological bits and bobs. It’s a free world!australia-day-avicii


Anyone looking for a high-intensity, celebratory end to their Australia Day could do worse than a gig by European DJ Avicii. He may not be Australian, but he sure is popular here. Avicii’s set is sure to proceed well into the night, so those living outside the city centre should probably check out to ease their burden.


As is the case with most firework displays, being on the ground could prove difficult, squashy, bruise-inducing thanks to an awful lot of elbowing. Booking a high-rise hotel room at a facility like Hotel Urban Melbourne has the advantage of height, proximity to the fireworks, and enough space to set at ease the mind of any claustrophobe. Whatever your view, the fireworks will give your night a climactic finish.

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