Aussie Travel Tips For The Money Conscious!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists make the trip out to Australia. For most, it’s the trip of a lifetime, filled with incredibly memories and amazing sights. But for some it can be a very costly place to visit; after all, it dwarfs the European continents in size and breadth and requires an enormous amount of vested time. Keeping this in mind, here are a few critical tips for travellers looking to make their journey down under a little bit more affordable!

Backpacking is a huge industry in Australia. Don’t be afraid to backpack even if you’re used to hotel travel or better. It’s a great way to see the country, save on costs and meet a whole bunch of new and exciting people! The budget accommodation and travel scene is quite extensive in Australia, with most cities boasting several options for the more money-conscious. There are also ‘flash-packing’ options available (more glamorous and generally nicer accommodation) and plenty of camp sites which are very cost effective!

Don’t feel the need to pre-book your travel. Booking your accommodation and travel plans in advance can be a great way to make sure you have the best time possible, but leaving it less organised can help save you a bit of money and might even improve your trip. Making last minute bookings can sometimes work out in your favour financially and allow you to extend or shorten your trip according to any new plans made on the road.

Organise Visas for Australia before you leave. Around the world, most travel agents will help organise visas when a booking is made. There are plenty of different categories of visas available, but the Australian government is severe when it comes to policing visas and travel permissions. For short trips, a tourist visa can be easily obtained at little cost. But the most popular choice is the Working Holiday visa, a category which allows those aged 18-30 to travel and simultaneously work in Australia for a limited time.

Save on how you spend money in Australia. If you’re planning an extended stay in Australia, consider opening an Australian bank account so as to avoid those pesky international charges and fees. Planning your holiday, in terms of money, is of extreme importance, as you don’t want to get half way around the world before realising you can’t see everything the Great Southern Land has to offer!

Pick the best time to travel. Australia’s summer months are usually the most popular in terms of tourism, so bargains and deals are often available during the off-season and winter. Seeing Northern Australia, for example, is one great example of an ideal place to visit in the winter. Travelling in the off-season also affords travellers more flexibility in terms of bookings and availability.

With these handy hints in mind, get on top of your travel plans today and figure out the best way to save on your dream holiday.

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