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Travelling in Oz is a collective of independent writers dedicated to providing informative, accurate and entertaining articles with unique and transparent perspectives on the latest news, events and trends. All contributors are aspiring or established writers with varying fields of expertise and a shared passion for scoping out original content and delivering new and different viewpoints.

Australia is an absolute goldmine of ephemeral tourist locations hidden amongst natural wilderness. Australia plays host to a constant stream of exciting events taking place in buzzing urban hubs and adventurous and unique activities that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. Australia offers travellers of any age, background or budget a never-ending array of sights to visit and things to do. We aim to unlock the secret treasures ensconced in our stunning coastlines, pristine bushland and trendy cities. From the best cafes or bars in our major cities to the top shows at our biggest festivals, to the most remarkable spots only locals would know about, we at Travelling in Oz aim to give every tourist in the country the ultimate experiences down under.


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