Aboriginal Art Experience

aboriginal artAustralian Aboriginal art is one of the most rich and encapsulating elements of culture you might ever see. The history of Indigenous Australians is both beautiful and painful, and the way art expresses these emotions is profound. All across Australia, there are places to view and appreciate Aboriginal art, and explore exactly what it stands for. From the Northern Territory and Uluru, to museum and online exhibitions, Aboriginal art is something you won’t want to miss on a trip to Australia. This historical part of Australian culture is accessible on a number of levels, even incorporating beautiful online galleries like the Aboriginal Art Store with its beautiful online galleries.

Aboriginal Art

All Aboriginal artists speak from the heart, and capture the magic that is Aboriginal culture and Dreaming. Regardless of where in Australia you find yourself, there is an artistic experience for all. And trust me, its not something you want to miss. If you’re in Western Australia, the myths, rituals and spiritualities are shared through ancient rock art like the Bradshaw paintings in the Kimberley. These paintings are believed to be up to 60 000 years old, and were created using the tail feathers of birds. Close to the town of Derby, the new Mowanjum Art Centre – Spirit of the Wandjina – has been designed to create a genuine meeting point between local people and visitors to the area, and is remarkable both inside and out.

aboriginal art

If you are in Sydney, there is a different art form that is absolutely worth experiencing. Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading Indigenous performing arts company, and projects the spirit and stories of Aboriginal culture through powerful movement and music. The talented and distinctive company presents performances that combine the spirituality of traditional culture with modern story-telling.

Aboriginal Artists

Of course, if you find yourself totally absorbed in the Aboriginal culture and history, you can have your own piece of The Dreaming too. The Aboriginal Art Store is a beautiful gallery specialising in art from the very heart of Australia. The Centre offers contemporary works by Aboriginal artists of the Central and Western Deserts. It uniquely combines a large showroom in Alice Springs with a rich and informative online gallery, so that viewers anywhere can enjoy this exceptional art and historical beauty. Through this powerful form of Aboriginal art, you can learn more about the Aboriginal artists, their traditional lands and culture. It’s a part of Australian heritage that continues to share wonders with the rest of the world.

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