A Few Aussie Holiday Traditions!

If you’re lucky enough to spend the holiday season in Australia this year, you ought to be aware of a few of our more iconic cultural traditions. Instead of a traditionally cold holiday aesthetic, Australia’s end of year celebrations are warm, whole-hearted and always open. We love food, fun and the sunshine, so here’s our list of a few iconic Aussie holiday traditions…

Eat prawns at a barbeque. It’s not ‘shrimp on the barbie’, and it never has been! In Australia we call them ‘prawns’ and we’ve turned their consumption into a veritable art form. There’s nothing better than manning a hot barbeque on a summer day, engulfed in the deliciously smoky smells wafting from the grill. Prawns make for a delicious meal, and for many Australians it’s a big part of their holiday memories. So, find a local barbeque, or simply go to a local park and fix your own! After an early morning trip to your local fish market, you’ll have all you need for this classic Aussie dish.

Try a classic Christmas Ham. It’s not for all tastes (or customs), but a Christmas Ham is the Aussie family classic. It’s a traditions passed down to all newcomers to this great nation, even those without an Anglo-Saxon background. Glazed in mouth watering honey, the scent of the smoking ham is often overwhelming. Serve with potatoes and pumpkin and you’ll have a classic in your plate. And the best part is, you’ll have plenty of leftover for tomorrow!

Catch the NYE fireworks. No matter where you come from, a New Year’s Eve celebration is Australia will always be memorable. In Sydney, revellers are treated to a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ pyrotechnics extravaganza. Other major cities often pull out all the stops, offering visitors the chance to ring in the New Year in a truly unique way. Smaller beach-side towns will often have smaller fireworks displays, so be sure to make it along to those smaller celebrations too!

There are plenty of great Aussie holiday traditions, and the list is always evolving. So please don’t consider this a definitive list; instead, get out there and try the old and the new. Happy Holidays to all!

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