4 Must-Visit Bars Around Sydney’s Newtown

Newtown and the surrounding suburbs are home to a myriad of quirky, trendy bars that have a sense of character and intimacy nonexistent in the rest of the city. It is an absolute must for travellers to Sydney to experience the unique atmosphere of these smaller bars and share a drink with authentic locals rather than hordes of other tourists, backpackers or business travellers. Here are some of the most hidden and stylish bars dotted around the Newtown area that you should put in your to-visit list.

the hive barThe Hive Bar

The Hive Bar prides itself on being your bar. You can exhibit artwork or create a mural on one of their walls, or bring over your favourite records to their Wednesday night Vinyl Club. They also have a strong commitment to sustainability and supporting local produce with their large selection of Australian and local Sydney wine, beer and cider. The kitchen offers a range of share plates, burgers, pizzas and seasonal spices and stays open until midnight, just like the bar. The live music ranges from soul, ska and rocksteady oldies on a Wednesday to funk, hip hop and other classics on a Thursday, then turns to an eclectic mix of fun tunes from Sydney’s best vinyl DJs on Friday and Saturday.

lazybonesLazybones Lounge

Lazybones Lounge is committed to supporting local musicians and entertaining local bar-goers by offering live music seven nights a week. The bar has eccentric decor and a relaxed atmosphere ideal for lounging, enjoying funky music and enjoying an exquisite range of food and drinks. They offer local microbrews and cider on tap as well as fine wine from all over the globe. On top of a menu of scrumptious bar classics such as pizza, nachos, bork belly sliders and salads Lazybones Lounge also offers a South African street food consisting of curry served in a hollowed bread roll, called Bunny Chow. The bar is located on Illawarra Road and is open on on weekends until 3am.

bloodwoodBloodwood Restaurant and Bar

Bloodwood is a raw venue with an incredible menu and industrial finishes. The decor has an emphasis on recycled and reclaimed materials, while the menu has a focus on seasonal dishes designed for sharing and consisting of the very best produce chefs Mitchell Grady and Claire van Vuuren could find. The bar has twice won “Small Wine List of the Year” judged by SMH Good Food Guide. With four areas including a bar, private dining room, mezzanine dining and outdoor terrace, Bloodwood Restaurant and Bar caters to groups of every taste and size.

earl'sEarl’s Juke Joint

Earl’s Juke Joint is so hidden (behind Betta Meats to be exact) and trendy it doesn’t even have it’s own website. It’s been described as a King Street bar for grown ups with a New Orleans edge. The dark but simply, rustic designed space is infused with a bourbon haze and features a phenomenal array of beverages from a rum-based Cantina Band – a Dark and Stormy with a twist – to a caramelised pineapple smacked Golden Ale.  Earl’s Juke Joint is the brainchild of bar genius entrepreneur Shady Pines’ Pasan Wijesena so you know it must be doing something right.

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